FAQ About Demolition

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Demolition And the Demolition Process.

  1. Is Demolition Dangerous ?     Yes and No You need to be very careful when you are doing demolition to avoid getting hurt. 
  2. Is Demolition work Expensive ? Demolition work can be expensive depending on the size of the job and difficulty of the demolition work.
  3. What Types of Insurance do you need to to do demolition work ? Most Demolition companies have a 1 million dollar Limited Liability  policy plus Workers Comp and are bonded for all there projects 
  4. Do you need any special licenses ? Yes
  5. Do you need any permits and if so where do you get them ? yes you have to have a permit from the city that you are going to be working in and you can get them from City Hall. 
  6. Do all demolitions use explosive devices ? No Only on bigger jobs consisting of several stories.
  7. Do you check for asbestos ? Yes in all homes and buildings Built from 1980 and older.
  8. What are the most common types of demolition ? Construction or new build.
  9. How long have you been doing demolition work? We have been doing demolition work since 2009.
  10. What makes a demolition company good? A good demolition company finishes a job on time or faster than projected with no problems, they will have a good price for the job and good record keeping. 

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